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Our livery horses & ponies are turned out daily in our outdoor school to stretch their legs, and have access to regular ‘holidays’ in the fields of Surrey – just like our own horses.
Barnfield Riding School offers three types of livery in our secure indoor barn:

Full livery

Our experienced staff take complete care of your horse for you, and you’re free to ride at any time.

Part livery

We do some of the care for your horse or pony, making it easier for you to enjoy the time you have together.  There are flexible options to suit your time and budget.

Working livery

All the love and care we give to Barnfield’s horses for an excellent price – in return, your horse is available for our use in lessons at set times.

Our livery prices remain excellent value for money - and with Richmond Park on our doorstep, you have access to miles of off-road riding just moments away! 

Use our Contact Form for more information about livery at Barnfield Riding School - we look forward to meeting you! 

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