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Animal Therapies

As well as teaching riding, Barnfield owner Patsy can help both you and your horse to feel better and form a better partnership. This work underpins the philosophy of Barnfield Riding School – that we are here to learn from our horses and understand their needs.


Animal communication

At the centre of Patsy’s work is animal communication, building an evolving understanding between human and horse through the sharing of feelings. 

Patsy uses her training to completely clear her mind and focus on your animal – enabling her to acknowledge and describe the feelings she experiences.  Sharing these feelings with you builds a deeper understanding of the animal and how to tackle their difficulties.

As an animal communicator, Patsy has already helped many animals and their carers to overcome challenges with behaviour, trust & confidence, physical and emotional problems.

​Contact the stables to find out more.

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Therapies for animals and their carers

Patsy is a Human and Equine Qualified Reiki Master / Teacher and can provide a range of therapies to complement her work on communication. 

She provides both human and equine sports massage to relieve physical symptoms, as well as a variety of holistic therapies to promote calm and open communication.

Horses are very honest and when we work with them closely we can learn so much from them about ourselves. Horses are becoming a very popular assistant in the human healing process and if we are open and willing to listen and learn from them they can teach us so much.


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