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Meet our horses

Become a Barnfield Angel and sponsor one of our horses. Make a one-off donation towards the care of our ponies or sponsor one of our horses with a monthly donation going straight towards their care and wellbeing.
As a Sponsor, you will receive two updates on your favourite horse in Spring and Autumn.


The most recent addition to the family, Peggy is our smallest pony and but she has the biggest personality.


Kandee looks after our children and adult riders, you'll often see her out and about on the roads.


Tessie is the boss and as the oldest of our horses, she likes to keep everybody in line.


Simply an angel who looks after everyone who rides her. She loves a good grooming session on pony days.

MR T.jpg

Mr T is a new addition from Ireland and loves his new home. He is trustworthy and honest, a beautiful pony.


She may be one of our smallest ponies but she definitely has the biggest personality. She keeps everyone in check!


Jazz is so handsome takes life in his stride, he's fast becoming a favourite in the riding school.


Just like her namesake Mary Poppins, she is practically perfect in every way!


Prince is a gentleman, he is ever so polite and gentle with our riders. He also loves a good scratch and a groom.


The new big horse of the family, he is a gentle giant who enjoys going out hacking and loves a bit of fuss!


Ameera, the Arabic word for Princess, could not suit her better as she is just the most regal and elegant horse.

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